Wooden TV Stand with Bookshelves

This was a fun and quick weekend project that I absolutely loved! It’s a very universal piece that can be used as an entertainment center, bookshelf or even as a console table!

First, I got 3 pieces of wood which measured 2X12 that was 5 ft in length ( *** Home Depot sells 2X12s that are 15ft, and you can ask them to cut it down to 5ft which is perfect since you need 3 slabs of it**)….. I stained them with about 3 coats of Minwax stain that was the color “honey”.

I let the stain dry for 34 hours. Our summers are hot in Tennessee so it dried pretty quick. Depending on the temperature of the room and how many coats you added… you may have to let it dry for a few more days.

Once the wood was fully dried, I used polyurethane to seal it. Personally I used Zars brand.

As for hardware, I used 1/2 inch flanges ( a total of 16) and then 1/2 inch pipes in diameter that are 8 inches in length( 4 of them) and 1/2 inch pipes that are 12 inches in length (4 of them). The first two top shelves will use the 8 inch rods. And the legs will be the 12 inch rods. I made sure the flanges were evenly centered ( about 2 inches from the edge).

Remember, you can choose different pipe lengths to get your desired height!

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