Our Little Happily Ever After

The best thing about love, is that every couple has a different version of it. This is what makes love so sacred and unique. Our fairytale story begins with an enduring friendship that later blossomed into something so beautiful and ever lasting.


January 31st of 2014 marks the first chapter to our modern day fairytale. That’s the day God put us in each others paths and gave us the opportunity to develop something that would one day become an unbreakable bond. Through our friendship, we were able to discover who we were as people, so we could create the building blocks needed to build a strong foundation together.

As our friendship grew, so did the tenderness and love for one another. Since our relationship flourished overtime at it’s own pace, it gave us the opportunity to give one another the best versions of ourselves. Although we were both too shy to admit it at first, Jordan and I developed a fire between us that could never be put out. Later on, Jordan nervously asked me out (in a cute way) to be his girlfriend and since that day forward we have been inseparable.

We spent every sparing moment filled with laughter, fun, and unforgettable adventures. On the 25th of June, Jordan and I decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and continue to write our happily ever after story side by side. We are blessed God guided us throughout our relationship to create something so beautiful and never ending!

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